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Making Santa Cruz a Place to Live and Work: a Q&A with Bonnie Lipscomb

Written by Cat Johnson On the 0 Comments

The future of tech in Santa Cruz is bright. The New Tech Meetup just celebrated its 10th anniverary, a growing number of companies are choosing to stay in Santa Cruz, and local tech enthusiasm is approaching fever pitch.

We chatted with Santa Cruz Economic Development Director Bonnie Lipscomb about her vision for the future of Santa Cruz, the relationship between the tech community and local business development, the biggest challenges the city faces, and what it will take for more people to live and work in Santa Cruz.

Narrowing the Digital Divide: A Conversation with Jacob Martinez of Digital NEST

Written by Molly On the 0 Comments
Jacob Martinez of Digital NEST, a nonprofit in Santa Cruz County empowering youth through technology

Behind glass doors in the old Watsonville Post Office, high school and college students are designing logos, developing websites, and shooting videos in a recording studio complete with acoustic paneling and a green screen. Long wooden benches strewn with pillows and sleek leather chairs are filled with young men and women collaborating on their latest tech project or silently tapping away at a rented laptop. Behind the open workspace is a well-stocked kitchen with free sandwiches, snacks, and beverages that’s always open to members.  

Santa Cruz New Tech Meetup Turns 10: Catching Up with Doug Erickson

Written by Cat Johnson On the 0 Comments

Doug Erickson is dealing with an ankle injury when Santa Cruz Works catches up with him. The result of a snowboarding accident, the ankle injury seems to be more of an inconvenience to Erickson than a major problem. He laughs about a less-than-efficient medical system and makes jokes about getting a second opinion. As he drives to the doctor appointment to get his ankle set, we talk by phone about one of his favorite topics: tech in Santa Cruz.

Darrin Caddes on Creativity, Soundscaping, and Why He Prefers Santa Cruz over Silicon Valley

Written by Molly On the 0 Comments
Darrin Caddes Plantronics VP of Corporate Design, Santa Cruz

By Molly Ressler

Darrin Caddes, VP of Corporate Design at Plantronics, believes that the only bad ideas are those that aren’t expressed.

Every Friday, the Plantronics design team gets together for a collective review. Team members write any idea that comes to mind on a post-it, and in one session Darrin’s’ post-it read: ‘Fill a room with dogs.’