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We’re gonna get you a Gig, baby!

We’re gonna get you a Gig, baby!

That's right, in just a few short months Santa Cruz Fiber will begin construction of what will eventually be a city wide fiber network, bringing 1 gigabit per second speeds to every parcel in the City and beyond.

Why is this important? Here are 3 reasons why this is a fundamental a game changer for local tech companies, and for Santa Cruz as a whole.

With Fiber in the downtown and the entire City, Santa Cruz will have a fundamental advantage over a majority of the commercial space available in the valley. Not only is commercial space cheaper in Santa Cruz, but the cost to get a gig will start at just $100/month. This means that Santa Cruz will be at the top of the list for companies looking to relocate, or new companies just starting out (and this is beyond the insanely high quality of life we have all come to know and love).

Fiber will continue to siphon off of the dreaded "brain drain", the name we have affectionately given to the over 30,000 SC residents who commute over the hill to work everyday. The reason being is that when you have this much internet, the need to physically be in the office drops dramatically. Accordinging to Global Workplace Analytics, telecommuting has more than doubled since 2005, in large part because of the increase in internet capacity allowing employees to share information and utilize applications off site. This means more tech workers will stay on this side of the hill each day, building more local relationships, and becoming more accustomed to not commuting.

You need it. And I can't stress this last point enough. Think about your life 10 years ago. How many internet devices did you own? Were you constantly checking your emails, facebook messages, calendar notifications, and trending topics in between meetings? What about the idea of cloud computing with the entire Adobe suite available at your fingertips, you know, whenever and wherever you want? Face it. The internet is your life now, and that very much includes your "employed life". If you want to be as productive, as efficient, and as competitive as possible, you are going to need access the best and most internet possible. Fiber is this.

So what's next?

This summer Santa Cruz Fiber will begin building out the first phase of our network, starting with the north half of downtown. Our goal is to get as many people signed up in this first area as possible so we can begin offering service to other areas of the City, eventually building out gigabit capacity to the entire City. So if you live/work in this area, or know someone who does, do not hesitate to contact us.

How Can You Get Involved?

If you want fiber now and just can't wait for that #sweetsweetbandwidth there are many ways in which you can help get the word out. Of course like us on facebook, and follow us on twitter for updates; but you can also show us how interested you are by filling out our neighborhood survey that we use to plan out which area of the City to build to next (the more interest the more likely we are to build).

Annnnndddd, if you are really stoked on fiber you can become one of our #fiberchampions, a group of really "plugged in" locals who meet regularly with Santa Cruz Fiber staff to discuss new ways to promote our service, and access to technology in general. To become a fiber champion join our meetup group by clicking here.

So if you think Santa Cruz is awesome now, just you wait. Fiber will fundamentally change how our community perceives and utilizes the internet, especially for those working in Santa Cruz tech.