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MYNT Systems Combines Silicon Valley Work Ethic with Santa Cruz Lifestyle

Written by Molly On the 0 Comments
The MYNT Systems team at their office in Santa Cruz, CA.

By Molly Ressler

Commuting over the hill to Silicon Valley may offer higher wages, but it comes at a price—less time for your family, your friends, and for yourself. MYNT Systems, a turn-key energy efficiency solutions company located in downtown Santa Cruz, understands the sacrifices that come with the commute. They also understand that simply working where you live doesn’t entirely eliminate them either.

Five Years of Local Tech Storytelling: a Conversation with Santa Cruz Tech Beat Founder Sara Isenberg

Written by Cat Johnson On the 0 Comments

In 2013, Margaret Rosas and Sara Isenberg, two local tech insiders, had a conversation about the need for someone to tell the stories of the tech scene in Santa Cruz. The conversation stuck with Isenberg and proved to be the seed idea for Santa Cruz Tech Beat.

How to Tell Customer Stories That Sell: 5 Tips From Drew Meyer of Amazon Web Services

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Drew Meyer of Amazon Web Services in Santa Cruz

Generating excitement around a cloud storage service may sound like a mission impossible, but to Drew Meyer, the lead for Amazon Web Services’ (AWS) cloud storage portfolio global product marketing team, it’s all in a day’s work. Meyer’s job is to break down, in his words, “extraordinarily geeky” concepts like block file and object storage into narratives that resonate with regular people. Unlike the product he sells, one of his most successful marketing strategies is surprisingly simple and applies to any type of business. The secret? Tell customer stories.  

Cosmic Goes All-in On Social Good

Written by Cat Johnson On the 0 Comments

Santa Cruz-based marketing agency Cosmic has always worked with social good organizations, but the company’s client roster has also included a broad array of Silicon Valley B2B companies, startups and tech projects. Recently, founder and creative director Eric Ressler and the Cosmic team made the decision to go all-in on working with brands and companies with a social good angle.