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In the face of the ocean, we are powerless—the waves force us to let go. But being powerless over our schedule? A little less enticing.
When obligations—work, relationships, family—dominate our time, it can be hard to find time to relax.  Without an accurate surf forecast, you end up waiting with your surfboard at Steamer Lane for hours, late for a meeting, and frustrated you didn’t catch one decent wave. But what if you knew just when that perfect wave would come? 
If you work on the water, the reverse may be true. Without accurate information, time spent fishing in less than ideal conditions can lead to wasted time and money, cutting into family dinners or drinks with your friends. But what if you had the info you need optimize your earning potential? 
When your work depends on the waves, storms can be devastating. Last year, when El Nino ravaged the coast, sand bars forced the Santa Cruz Harbor close, costing the residents millions of dollars in solutions and lost profits. But what if we were alerted of the potential catastrophe before the damage was done? 
And let’s talk safety. Taking your kids to the water can be less than a day at the beach when you arrive to find the ocean is far to rough for them to swim. Tears ensue… unless you knew what to expect, and planned accordingly
We have an answer. Santa Cruz Waveworks pairs accurate macro, micro and sub micro climate data with individualized customer preferences in a convenient app designed to alert customers to the most optimal times, and places to surf, sail, fish, or swim. No more idling in the surf waiting for waves that never come, when you could be meeting with a client, having dinner with your kids, or catching up with a friend over drinks.  Spend time in the ocean when it’s worth it—personally or financially.