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I am a seasoned solo corporate lawyer with a passion for cross-border, as well as cross-town transactions. I enjoy working closely with corporations -- large or small, domestic or foreign, boot-strapped or funded -- to help execute business objectives, launch new technologies and improve our lives and those of the next generation. 

For companies, investors and entrepreneurs located outside of California, I seek to be a local 'launch pad' for your business, your first stop on the way to realizing your goals in Silicon Valley and the San Francisco Bay Area. 

For local companies seeking global access and protection, I am a member of the International Network of Boutique Law Firms and can serve as your gateway to preeminent legal counsel across the globe.

I am also committed to using my professional skills and experience to make Santa Cruz a home for dynamic and self-sustaining new businesses, as well as for exceptional arts and educational institutions. 

Specialties: corporate law, bridge and venture financings, M&A, governance, contracts, informal mediation, team-building, "on-shoring"